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  • SIP Trunking

    An advance system of providing your business PBX access to the global telephone network over your existing internet connection. Cost efficient and EASY TO manage, use, upgrade, maintain and install.

    Happy2Call SIP Trunking is a great way for business that is ready to take full advantage of their IP-PBX by utilizing one connection for all their voice traffic . This is an efficient approach which saves money and time by using bandwidth efficiently, reducing hardware costs and simplifying network management. With Happy2Call Business SIP Trunking voice quality is great and provides a great call connection and completion .

  • VoIP

    Voice Over Internet Protocol is a combination of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone call by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than traditional telephone lines

  • IP-PBX

    A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a system that connects telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network and provides internet communication for a business

  • SIP Protocol

    (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice and video calls

  • Benefits of SIP Trunking

    SIP trunks are telephone line trunk delivered over IP using the SIP protocol. using this standard protocol, telecom service (VoIP) providers connect one or more channels to the cutomer's PBX. Phone numbers and DIDs are linked to the SIP trunk. In many cases numbers can be ported to the SIP trunk.

  • Low monthly subscription

    The monthly fee to have a number of lines installed at your office drops significantly with SIP trunks and DIDs cost a lot less.

  • Low call charges

    There are many SIP trunk providers and competition has driven down call charges significantly.Some SIP trunk even come with unlimited calling.

  • Eliminate VoIP Gateways

    SIP trunks will eliminate the need to buy and manage VoIP Gateways.All phone calls come in via IP. No extra conversion often means better quality too.

  • While Moving Offices

    SIP trunks are not bound to a location,so it's easy to move offices without having to change your stationary or inform your customers.There is no longer any need to pay to forward phone calls to the new offices.

  • Better customer service

    Provide better customer service by adding more geographical & international numbers.Quickly and easily add numbers to your SIP trunk and terminate them on your IP PBX - you can give customers more options to dial in at a significantly lower cost.Customers can contact your more easily and sales will increase.

  • Leverage a modern IPPBX

    Modern IP PBX/ Unified Communications solutions will give customers increased productivity,mobility and boost sales.Connecting an IP PBX to SIP trunks is much easier than via the PSTN.

  • Flexibility

    It is easy to add channels to your SIP trunk to cope with increased calls. A simple phone call will allow you to add channels, and often this can be done immediately. Compare that to the delay in having additional lines installed and then having to upgrade your old PBX to handle more lines!

  • Number of channels

    With SIP trunks, you can easily choose the correct numbers of channels that you need. Using ISDN/T1, you often have to choose to add either 15 or 30 lines.This usually means you end up with expensive extra capacity.


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