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A Business Phone System

 Scalable, Cost-saving & Secure

Happy2Call Cloud PBX

that grows with your business

Switch to Happy2Call Cloud PBX phone system and never miss an important business communication. Access your phone system from any device, get call recordings and reports and integrate with the tools you love to bump up business productivity and grow faster.


Happy2Call Cloud PBX

A cloud based phone system has its home in the cloud. In other words, data is securely stored in a virtual server that can be accessed over the internet. This means that all incoming and outgoing calls will be routed through the internet. 

Capable of replacing traditional landlines in the most effective ways, a virtual phone system for Small Business to Enterprises is provided by Happy2Call Services.

Internet-based virtual phone systems is simply a web-based service that’s tailored to handle calls and voice mails for your business efficiently with the help of the internet and modern technology.

The major difference between the traditional phone systems and cloud-based phone systems is that a cloud PBX doesn’t require any extra hardware device or complex cables running all around your office and it can be used by any business, whether its a startup or a Small Business or an Enterprise.

A virtual phone system like Cloud PBX is also much more cost-efficient for your business than the traditional PBX one. 

Thus, using a business cloud phone system is much more efficient and beneficial than using a traditional phone system.




  • Having a cloud phone system for Small Business to Enterprises has gone from being an option to an absolute necessity these days due to the increasing competition and smart consumers. The Cloud Hosted PBX system for entrepreneurs evidently has a huge impact on the productivity and growth of the business while being affordable at the same time!

  • Just like everything else, the Cloud PBX phone systems also come with variations. There are packages to suit every business. Depending on your requirements, choose what suits your business the best and take your business to new levels!


What is Cloud PBX

A cloud-hosted PBX system is a private branch exchange that operates in the cloud.

Run your Company’s entire phone system on your existing internet connection.

Manage your VoIP phone system without any of the hassles of an on-premises PBX system.

Transitioning to Cloud PBX is your first step toward unified communications.

Enjoy more benefits and features than a traditional PBX system.

Why upgrade to Cloud PBX

Incredible cost savings. Say even up to 60% savings as compare to traditional phone lines.

Features & Flexibility. Delivering cutting edge PBX and VoIP features including a sleek smartphone app.

Easy to manage. Manage all calls in real time with a modern PBX service. Switch to softphones and cut the cord with traditional PBX providers.

Enterprise-grade reliability. Business never stops; neither should your phone service, backing with 99.9% uptime.

How Cloud PBX system works

  • Get a DID Number:  To make and receive calls on your business cloud pbx system, you will need a DID number. If you already have a business number that you do not wish to change, then you can simply port the number to Happy2Call Network. Alternatively, you can choose to get a Local Singapore DID Number (6xxx xxxx). We can also provide you Overseas DID’s of other Countries on Order. This DID will serve as your central business phone number. 

  • Add Users / Extensions:  Everyone in your office can use the same main DID or shall order additional DIDs for business communications. This is achieved with the help of extensions. Every department or staff in your office will have difference extensions to the main business phone number. One can reach the desired staff simply dialing the extension.

  • Customizing your business cloud phone system:  There are a lot of exciting features that you can integrate with your cloud phone system.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Cloud PBX system operate on different hardware?

No, it does not require the additional hardware. It can be efficiently operated by IP Phones, Smartphones with out Mobile App.

Is Cloud PBX system expensive?

As compared to the traditional phone system, Cloud PBX is affordable and also deliver the advanced features for global communication.

Can I avail the basic telephone features from Cloud PBX system?

Cloud PBX provides all the basic call functions like call queuing, call forwarding, voicemail, etc and much more in the best manner.

Is Cloud PBX best for small businesses?

Yes, the Cloud PBX is the best communication tool for the small business & enterprises due to its flexibility and multiple application.


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